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Yes, all of our listings are sold.  Our listings typically do not last long, since we do not sit on our listings: we work hard to sell your properties.  We would constantly market your properties, and keep doing open houses until your properties are sold. We also always keep our communication channel open: you would be updated periodically and consistently.


To illustrate how we handle our listings, we can take a look at two resent examples of sold listings.


34840 Ozark River Way

Fremont, CA 94555


The listing was put on market on Sept 1, 2013, and it was sold on September 12, 2013 to an all cash offer.  We started to advertise it long before the property was ready for showing, and we had generated an interest list of potential buyers and realtors that we could call upon once it was ready for showing. Since the words got out long before the actual open house date, we had very heavy foot traffic on the open house dates, and received multiply offers.  The seller is an out of state investor, we helped him to clean and stage the property before putting it on market, and we sold it above his expected price.


1681 Romeo Ln

Turlock, CA 95380


This listing came to the market on Sept 2, 2013, and was sold on Sept 14, 2013. Although it was a bit out of our way, we nevertheless provided our client with same best services as every other of our client receives. The property was sold above the appraisal price, and we negotiated with the buyer and buyer brought in additional cash to close the gap.  Moreover, since seller could not move immediately, we negotiated with the buyer to allow her to stay for the next three months as rent back.  At end, everybody is happy with the outcome


If you are in a process of selling your properties, please give us a call.

Remember, your interest is our best interest; we never put our interest before our clients.    



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